This October here at Edgemoor Inn we’re looking forward to Cheltenham Literature Festival. This years event features speakers from various categories, and famous celebrity authors such as Nick Frost, David Mitchell, Judy Murray and David Baddiel chatting about their books and other subjects.

The Cheltenham Literature Festival is one of the world’s most prestigious literary festivals, and for good reason. With over 500 events and over 1,000 authors taking part each year, it’s a must-attend for any book lover.

The festival covers a wide range of genres, from fiction and non-fiction to poetry and children’s literature. There are also events on politics, current affairs, and the arts. Whether you’re interested in meeting your favourite author, learning about a new topic, or simply being immersed in a world of books, the Cheltenham Literature Festival has something for everyone.

The festival takes place over ten days from October 6th to 15th, 2023, and is held in the beautiful town of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England. The festival’s venues include the Cheltenham Town Hall, the Everyman Theatre, and the Cheltenham College Chapel.

These are our top picks from the week:

Chris Packham, Town Hall, Baillie Gifford Stage. Friday 6th October

Conservationist Chris Packham, most known for hosting Spring/Autumn/Winterwatch, and scientist Andrew Cohen discuss the history of Earth, looking at some of its defining moments and events over the 4 billion years.


David Mitchell, The Times, and Sunday Times Forum. Saturday 7th October

David is a piece of Britain’s comedian make up, most famously known for his works on Peep Show, Would I Lie to You? And regular appearances on Mock the Week and Qi. At Cheltenham Literature Festival, he discusses a history of England’s kings and queens from his book Unruly.


Michael Palin, The Times, and Sunday Times Forum. Sunday 8th October

Sir Michael Palin is most known for his role in the Monty Python series and his various travel shows. He’ll be discussing his latest book Great-Uncle Harry, which travels through the British Empire as told by one man. From India to New Zealand, Palin’s book tells the story of a generation.


Judy Murray, The Times, and Sunday Times Forum. Monday 6th October

Successful tennis player and coach Judy Murray talks to Tim Hubbard about her novel The Wild Card, a book that uses all of her tennis life experiences to create an uplifting story.